Here's something about me.

I like to travel to see a lot of the world we all together live on.

In June '97 we traveled the south-west of the United States. 
This a nice view of famous Bryce Canyon Nat'l Park, Utah.

Angel's Landing, a huge rock at Virgin River in the beautiful Zion National Park, Utah.

On the top of Angel's Landing after a steep hike of about 2 hours. 1000 feet above valley ground

From our last trip to the Old South of the United States in 1999


Orton Plantation near Wilmington NC

Famous Boone Hall Plantation near Charleston SC


My home, ...
... an old castle nearby...

......and a nice view...

..... to my wife's horses! 


Our dog "Ondra" ...



......and, last but not least, "LUMPI", king of our home.


6. June 2019